Balls and Strikes

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Week three all ready my prognosticating possessed people.   Let the Father of Foresight ease lifes stress  in your personal copy of this weeks Secret Sauce!…


September 18, 2019

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Balls and Strikes


I admit I was caught by surprise when I saw the challenge flag fly on an incomplete pass play.  I’m sorry, I said to my wife, did he just challenge a, non-call?  Indeed the Falcons coach had challenged that a pass interference should! have been called.  Whats next?  Coaches challenging balls and strikes in baseball?

There is as new rule this year that allows a challenge on any pass play disputing whether it was pass interference if a penalty was assessed, or if they believe a penalty should have been called if no flag was thrown.  The official new law states it will be reviewed on whether the play was “significantly hindered” or “not significantly hindered” by the receiver or defender.  Seems to me if it was significantly hindered it would have been called and vice versa.  Anything in between is just a judgment call, which is the job of an official in a nutshell.

Injuries have plagued many teams with star quarterbacks and receivers filling the sidelines.  Striking at the heart of Pittsburgh, Big Ben is out for the season.  Drew Breez has a thumb injury no doubt contributing to their spanking last week. The Jets are into their third string qb and the Giants decided Eli might be better calling balls and strikes from the announcers booth.

Week three promises to be interesting as only three home teams are rated as underdogs.  Nine teams remain undefeated.  Ravens and Chiefs face off to preserve their stature in one of the best match ups for the week.  Some serious consideration needs to be given to the spread line in week three.  Two games have over a twenty point difference.  Considering the performance so far of the Dolphins and Jets that might not even be enough.  Maybe they should switch to baseball.


The Masked Prognosticator


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Week three stirs like this…

Titans topple Jaguars

Eagles poach Lions

Bills bang Bengals

Packers tame Broncos

Ravens raid Chiefs

Falcons ride Colts

Cowboys hook Fish

Bucs pirate Giants

Cards flush Panthers

Vike sack Raiders

Patriots ground Jets

Niners melt Steelers

Texans rope Chargers

Seahawks down Saints

Rams down Browns

Redskins hunt Bears



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