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This is it!  The day we waited all year long for.  Your Vendor of Vision reveals his last pick and prepares for gridiron hibernation.  Thanks for reading Secret Sauce….

January 31, 2019


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I Am the Masked One.  Pass the Salt.


Salt is dirt cheap.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a truckload of dirt cost more than a comparable load of salt.  In ancient times though, salt was so valuable sometimes Roman soldiers were paid with it.  That’s where we get the saying, they aren’t worth their salt.

Modern times sees uses for salt the ancients never considered.  Road maintenance in cold climates.  Iodine was added to fight old common ailments such as goiter.  There are aroma salt therapies, but of course, the most important use is seasoning on McDonalds french fries.

If Tom Brady was in the navy he’d be known as an old salt.  A term used respectfully by seafarers acknowledging their experience and wisdom.  Maybe a little awe too that they haven’t drowned by now.  In his own way Mr. Brady has become the old salt of the league.  With no plans to dock until age forty five regardless of this years big games outcome.

The Kansas City Chiefs fell victim to the wiley ways of the old captain and admiral Belichek.  Expected to cap his MVP win with a Super Bowl appearance Patrick MaHomes and his crowd will instead be watching from the sidelines.  New England came off the line full throttle and didn’t let up paving the way for a record sixth ring.  All they need to do is beat the LA Rams.

The Rams got their ticket by downing last years champs.  The Eagles saw their bid to repeat dashed by the upstart west coasters.  Afterwards, Philadelphia didn’t waste any time solidifying Carson Wentz’s position with the team by trading Nick Foles.  Hows that for rubbing salt in the wound?  This has set up a game pitting the salty captain against a fresh swabbie.  An intimidating scenario for Jarod Goff.

Like most fans I have this inherent need to root for the underdog.  No doubt a large percentage of the country would like to see the Patriots demise at the hands of fresh faces.  I’m not sure what it is about human nature that only allows us to tolerate someones success for so long.  We seem to tire of our champions rather than enshrine them.  I’m no different, which is why I’ll be rooting for LA.

My money though will be on New England.  Bet on youth if you want but two and a half points is not a fair trade for a shaker full of experience.  With a long term goal still in mind it’s easy to understand that Mr. Brady is not ready to pass the salt.


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Patriots win.  Again.

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