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Conference championships ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t get any more serious than this folks cause just appearing in a Super Bowl is more than most players (or coaches, or water boys) get to do in their careers. See how we got here and listen to your Vendor of Visions predictions all in your personal copy of this weeks Secret Sauce !…

January 18, 2019

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Conference Call.


Eight teams joined the conversation and naturally four got dis-connected.  Answering the call to the conference championships are the Rams at the Saints and the Patriots visiting the Chiefs.  These are not games to be heard about from your answering machines.  Long distance contests streamed live to any device from screens over 100′ long, to your watch.  What an amazing thing.  Thanks Mr. Bell.  Hows Ma?

The Colts saw their run end in Kansas City as the Chiefs stampeded them 31-13.  You only get lucky so long I guess.  KC ended their hot streak and takes on a future Hall of Famer and a franchise becoming as storied as the Yankees.  That’s a lot of pressure on a young quarterback in just his second season.  Having disposed of the Chargers, New England looks to continue adding rings.  Hate to break the news to all those Patriots fans but I think your number is up.

Rams roped the Cowboys to get their shot at the NFC Championship for the first time since the last time.  It’s good not to fill your head with useless stats since the pundits will certainly do that for us repeatedly in the pre game anyhow.  In New Orleans, Philadelphia looked as though they were moving on as they intercepted the ball on the first play of the game.  Opening up a quick lead halfway through the first quarter it seemed as though the Saints were about to get blown away.  Turns out it was just a breeze.

Ends up, defense saved the New Orleans Saints.  After allowing two quick scores in the first quarter the Eagles were dropped like a cell, phone signal in the Rockies.  Drew Breez then worked his usual magic providing enough offense to move on.  Experts predict them to make it to the big show.  I’m not so sure.

This weekends leadership shows a contrast as sharp as telephone poles and fiber optics. One is tried and true and one is cutting edge. As much as experience counts under pressure I have a good feeling about both these young quarterbacks. Personally I’d like to see the Saints move on and get the glory they have long deserved.  Believe it’s going to be a battle of young bloods though at this years Super Bowl but hey, it’s your call.


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Rams and Chiefs at the big show.


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