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Wow what a wild weekend!  Can’t wait to see what other new words are created as the playoffs continue.  Double doink yourself into this weeks Secret Sauce!…


January 9, 2019


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Not Dead Yet.


Wild Card weekend lived up to it’s name.  We got to see amazing defense.  Creative offense.  Best of all our weekend concluded with a playoff first.  The double doink.  In the end four teams are done and four others can say we’re not dead yet.

Starting the weekend the Colts visited the Texans.  While we expected and received great defense it just came from an unexpected source.  Indianapolis.  Holding Houston hostage the ponies only allowed seven points as they earned themselves a trip to Kansas City.  Hot as they’ve been I’m not sure they can take on a premiere team with a weeks rest.  They may not be dead but most likely headed to the glue factory.

Completing SNF Dallas hosted the Seahawks.  Seattle battled all night looking as though they just might pull out the upset.  The Cowboys however earn the right to play the Rams squeezing out a 24-22 victory.  LA is certainly a top contender and the boys find themselves a touchdown plus underdog.  Looks like a home field sweep as La butts Dallas back to Texas.

Sunday began with the Chargers in Baltimore.  Despite many doubters it looked like the Ravens might actually move on.  Playing great defense they held off Mr. Rivers and company for the better part of the game.  Experience won out though as the Chargers jolted the home crowd and travel to New England.  Once again it’s hard to bet against the home team in the playoffs.  Figure in it’s Tom Brady and unless you’re from the west coast you’d have to be about ready to roll over to pick LA.

The football world has a coined a new phrase.  The double doink.  Now forever associated with a game between the Eagles and the Bears.  It will be like one of those “ where were you when” stories.  Not many expected Chicago to lose this game. Philadelphia played phenomenal defense and took the lead in a low scoring game with little time left.  In short order however the Bears were poised to steal the bacon with a last second field goal.  Then, double doink.  Such a fun saying.  Moving on to New Orleans the Eagles find themselves again expected to be dead on arrival.  Maybe not yet.


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Round two of the playoffs stirs like this!…

Chiefs break Colts

Rams butt Boys

Patriots jolt Chargers

Saints flock Eagles



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