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Welcome to the post season my faithful friends.  Two Saturday games and ditto for Sunday as the wild cards make their last gasp efforts to stay alive.  All your predictions here in this weeks Secret Sauce!….

January 3, 2019


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Once and Done.


As the post season begins football sets itself apart from many sports in that there is no forgiveness.  Once is starts, if you fail, your done.  No best of seven, three out of five or even double elimination.  Either you are a Super Bowl Champion or your not.  Like Top Gun, there is no prize for second.

Colts and Texans start off wild card weekend.  These two evenly matched teams should provide plenty of entertainment and once your grilling is done I believe Andrews Luck will have expired for the season.  Texans move on and get to try and figure out how to run with the big dogs when the time comes.

Cowboys host the Seahawks as both these Cinderellas search for the glass slipper.  Each would need some bibbity bobbity boo to even dream of holding the trophy.  No dis respect just a nod to other teams who play at a different level.  As they say though, they play the games for a reason and stranger things have happened.

Chargers and Ravens are up next.  Phillip Rivers is a man I’d like to see get a shot at a ring.  He leads a team that has the ability if they could just show up every Sunday.  Baltimore struggled to beat the Browns and that doesn’t speak to me of a team going far in the post season.  Once Mr. Rivers throws his third touchdown they’ll realize their season is done.

Though Philadelphia has a dismal record for a playoff team it doesn’t mean they’re done.  Once they resumed with last year Super Bowl MVP things seemed to have turned around.  Hmmm.  As they showed last year you don’t have to be the most talented team necessarily, just play the best ball at the opportune time.  Sometimes it’s the aura of a team.  Nick Foles seems to bring that glow.  That sense of invincibility. They find themselves a touchdown underdog as they travel to the Windy City.  Rightly so as the Bears are going to kick their ass.  Dynasty is not yet being whispered for this once and done champion.


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Wild cards are in!…


Texans tame Colts

Seahawks flock Cowboys

Chargers jolt Ravens

Bears dethrone Eagles

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