Wailing Wall

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It hurts to say but the final week of the regular season is here.  What a run as we pass on to the post season.  Yes puns intended.  Get your predictions for week 17 right here in this weeks Secret Sauce!…


December 28, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Wailing Wall.


In Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall is a religious symbol.  In America, we just have a lot of wailing about a wall.  The candidate who promised you to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, is now President and has “proudly” shut down our government because you won’t.

Now if you truly believed another country would open their wallet and pay a total estimated cost of 25 billion dollars for anything we want, please, just click off now.  Thank you.  I can’t fix stupid.  Decades ago President Reagan demanded we tear down a wall.  You’d think we would have learned a lesson.  Where would the wall stop?  Do we intend to make America a castle?  Maybe we should dig a moat while we’re at it.  How about we just stop seeing who has a bigger one and come to some common sense agreement on border security while we keep our government running.

Truth is walls don’t work.  Unless you’re the Baltimore Ravens.  Shutting down Phillip Rivers and the potent Charger offense, defense was the name of the game for Baltimore.  Despite being 4.5 point underdogs the Ravens stymied everything thrown at them allowing a meager 10 points in all.  LA gets it easy with Denver this week while Baltimore battles the Browns.

No wall could contain the offense of Seattle as they faced the formidable Kansas City Chiefs.  Both sides traded touchdowns like Wall Street trading stocks.  Playing in high decibel stadium is like living along I-95 without those sound barriers. Walter Peyton would have rushed for 200 yards as defensive walls were non existent for both teams ending in a 38-31 Seahawk win.

So ends the regular season my friends.  See you in the post season unless I go AWOL.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  We build too many walls and not enough bridges. … Isaac Newton


Week seventeen.  Best of luck…


Eagles capture Redskins

Miami pays Bills

Ravens down Browns

Packers ship Lions

Colts break Titans

Texans rope Jags

Patriots sabotage Jets

Saints pound Panthers

Chiefs sack Raiders

Boys topple Giants

Bears claw Vikings

Pittsburgh downs Cincinnati

Falcons flock Bucs

LA over San Fran

Seahawks play Cards

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