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Next to the last week of the regular season my friends.  Despite the season keep your gifts non-related to your win column!  Secret Sauce has the recipe’ for your predictions…


December 20, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Give More.


It’s the Christmas season.  Or Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate, chances are one of its traditions is giving.  As we age, we realize the joy of the season becomes more in the giving than the receiving.  This week I got to think about how part of the fun in giving, is the anticipation.  Because it got taken away.

You see, I finally listened to my wife and purchased expensive tickets to a show she’s been oohing and ahhing over for months.  For me it would be pure torture, but she’s into the artsy thing now I guess.  However the tickets which said could be expected in 7-10 days arrived on day three.  Needless to say I was unprepared for the uh, was I not supposed to open this?  Bam!  Just like that all the excitement I was anticipating Christmas day, was suddenly snatched before it ever happened.

Several teams were in the giving mood this past week.  Kansas City started us off on TNF hosting the Chargers.  Playing his magic, Mahomes guided his team to what looked like a comfortable win.  As predicted though, the wily veteran Phillip Rivers had a few tricks of his own.  Down two touchdowns into the fourth the Chargers stage a comeback capped with a gutsy two point conversion rather than face overtime.  Can’t give more than that.

The biggest surprise of the week came from the west coast.  A team, certainly in the top five, got beat by a struggling squad who just lost their starting quarterback the week before.  Ok, so he is the reigning Super Bowl quarterback but the Eagles haven’t exactly been playing LA Rams caliber football.  The final score reflected a game closer than it was for the most part.  Defense dominated as the city of brotherly love has yet to figure out that giving thing.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  Remember it’s not what’s under the tree that counts but who’s around it.   Merry Christmas.


Week sixteen as the pot boils over…

Titans tax Washington

Chargers flock Ravens

Eagles corral Texans

Jags hook dolphins

Colts topple Giants

Packers ground Jets

Bengals bang Browns

Lions sack Vikings

Boys beat Bucs

Patriots bluff Buffalo

Falcons claw Panthers

Bears shaft Niners

Rams play Cards

Saints stop Steelers

Seahawks surprise Chiefs

Broncos ride Raiders






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