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Hard to believe the regular season is disappearing fast. Keep up on the latest with this weeks copy of Secret Sauce! …


December 12, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Magic Mahomes.


As they say, I’ve seen some plays in my day.  Watching the Chiefs game, I had flashbacks of another star, in another sport, in another time.  Think back to the days of Magic Johnson.  A star in his own right, as ready to give a team mate the ball as be the “hot dog” as they would’ve called a selfish player back in the day.  One of his signature moves was the no look pass.

Now making such a pass with a basketball, in traffic, during the heat of play to a team mate ten feet away is one thing.  To complete a no look pass to a receiver running a slant 10 yards down the field with 300lb. men looking to pummel you, was nothing short of amazing.  I’m not talking looking off the safety then zeroing in on a body.  This was, I’m looking you in the eye over here while I throw where I know my guy will be over there.  David Copperfield would have been proud at his display of mis direction.

Making it even better was the fact despite losing much of the game Kansas City showed why they aren’t finished till the final minutes tick off.  Behind but never out, they showed tenacity and the explosive offense they can provide in a Mahurry.  It’s almost like…. magic.

Opening week fifteen on Thursday night, they face a formidable Chargers team with a quarterback that’s been known to work a little magic of his own.  Running a short week will require stamina from both teams and may be the deciding factor in this game.  I imagine though the wily veteran has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Two games on Saturday night this week!  The Jets host Houston while the Broncos welcome the Browns to Mile High Stadium.  Jets beat their in state rival Buffalo, while the Broncos lost to the lowly Niners.  New York will find the Texans too strong and Denver better not under estimate the Browns.

Probably the best match up with the most implications is the Patriots/Steelers game in Pittsburgh.  Nothing but slight of hand here as veteran quarterbacks square off in a division rivalry.  Both are coming off losses to inferior teams and are looking to regain their composure.  I think you’re going to see a whole game of smoke and mirrors.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them…..Magic Johnson


Week fifteen folks!…

Chargers jolt Chiefs

Texans rope Jets

Browns bang Broncos

Bears ship Packers

Lions pay Bills

Ravens pirate Bucs

Falcons flock Cardinals

Bengals claw Raiders

Vikings hook Dolphins

Giants topple Titans

Jags over Redskins

Cowboys break Colts

Seahawks mine Niners

Steelers survive Patriots

Rams unlove Philly

Saints march on Carolina






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