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Oh Boy !  Here we go!  Week fourteen my devoted prodigies.  A lot can happen these last few weeks so hang tight and get your news here in Secret Sauce! …

December 5, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Oh Boy.


Usually the holidays are associated with certain foods.  This past week, unfortunately, I had the unpleasant experience of eating crow.  Readers of last weeks article will know I ended up as mystified by the Cowboys win as most in the world of prognosticating.  Oh boy.

Opening the week and favored by more than a touchdown the New Orleans Saints took their ten win season into Dallas with a lot of confidence.  Of course confidence isn’t enough or we’d all be lottery winners.  Superb defense kept the explosive New Orleans offense in check while Dak Prescott had a stellar performance.  It was a good night to be a Cowboy.

Dallas takes on Philadelphia next in a pivotal, divisional, personal, war.  Considering their recent performance they seem to control the high ground and the Eagles may not be able to out flank them.  I believe last years champions are on the way out of divisional contention.  New Orleans gets an easier break with Tampa Bay on the menu.  The Bucs are volatile but I predict the Saints go marching out a winner.

Green Bay better pack it in when you can’t even beat Arizona this season.  Our boy Aaron found scoring difficult as Arizona fulfilled the other weeks theme of any given Sunday.  This is the time of year the teams out of it all ready, just start thinking oh boy, who can we take down with us?  Drowning man syndrome metaphorically.

Poster boy, Jared Goff travels to Bear country having all ready guaranteed his team a playoff spot.  No doubt the Rams have their sights on the final prize.  Why not?  Who doesn’t want to join the ol’ boys club.


The Masked Prognosticator


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Week fourteen as the pot comes to a slow rolling boil…

Titans hunt Jags

Bills ground Jets

Chiefs surround Ravens

Saints survive Bucs

New England outshines Miami

Redskins topple Giants

Texans break Colts

Rams butt Bears

Falcons melt Cheese

Browns claw Panthers

Broncos ride Niners

Chargers jolt Bengals

Cardinals tame Lions

Cowboys cage Eagles

Steelers sack Raiders

Seahawks sink Vikings






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