Black Thursday

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Take a break from shopping and get your picks in as week thirteen is upon us.  Secret Sauce has your list so get your order in early!….


November 28, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Black Thursday.


Retailers can’t wait for Thanksgiving because apparently most of us are thankful we have money to spend.  Taking a cue from Hallmark, they created their own holiday and dubbed it Black Friday.  Likely the biggest marketing success story since Ronco presented the automatic potato peeler.

When I was a kid you couldn’t even buy gas on Thanksgiving.  Stations were all owner/operator and this was one of three days they closed all year.  Now after dinner naps have been replaced with rushes for early Black Friday specials.  On Thursday.  Then running through the weekend and slamming into cyber Monday creating enough revenue to put businesses into the proverbial black.  Hence the name.

Some teams ran specials of their own this past holiday weekend.  Arizona was giving away four and a half points to the Chargers for each one they scored.  Pittsburgh slashed their offense allowing the Broncos an unexpected boost and the Bengals had a going out of business sale courtesy of a hostile takeover by the Cleveland Browns.

This Thursdays blue light special offers up the Dallas Cowboys to the New Orleans Saints.  Fans wishing to keep their Boys are offered seven and a half points for their loyalty.  Plus home field advantage.  It’s still not a bargain.  Though Dallas sits atop the NFC least, New Orleans has been playing like a Super Bowl level team.  Just pick ‘em and throw away the receipt.


The Masked  Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  I’m unsure why my account still goes down considering all the money I’m saving.


Bye the Week – Full schedule this week!  Shop wisely.


Week thirteen and we are starting to seriously simmer….

Saints rope Cowboys

Falcons flock Ravens

Chargers jolt Steelers

Bears topple Giants

Panthers bang Bucs

Bills catch Fish

Packers play Cards

Broncos hunt Bengals

Texans down Browns

Rams claw Lions

Colts break Jags

Titans ground Jets

Chiefs sack Raiders

Patriots over Vikings

Seahawks down Niners

Philly taxes Washington



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