Thanks Giving

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Week twelve ladies and gentlemen.  Time to get serious about having fun. Enjoy some family time this week and get your early game picks in with the help of your Vendor of Vision in this weeks Secret Sauce!…

November 20, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Thanks Giving.


With the Thanksgiving holiday almost upon us I thought it would be a good time to express some gratefulness.  Thank you Fox Sports and ESPN.  Thanks to all media outlets who stream our favorite sport on any device.  Thank you Chris and Al for making MNF what it is.  Strahan, Long, Bradshaw and gang, it just wouldn’t be Sunday without you.  Something else, just can’t remember what.

Sometimes highly touted match ups turn out let’s say, toutless.  Spell check says I just made up a word.  Go me.  Well you can be thankful if you were able to witness the offensive battle between Kansas City and the Rams.  Two nine and one records pitted on the gridiron in LA.  After the home team jumped to a quick 13-0 lead my first thought was, toutless.  Thankfully the giving started and the game was on.

Kansas City was not about to go down easily capitalizing on a turnover and gaining enough momentum to battle to a 23 all tie at halftime.  The second half turned out all dessert as each team put on an impressive display of offense.  Hard to really see a loser in a 54-51 point game.

Well it was Black Friday all ready for the Philadelphia Eagles as New Orleans put on an impressive display of offense and defense.  Crushing the Eagles 48-7, the Saints show why they are counted among this years elite.  I wonder if there are any GM’s out there saying, “ Sure am glad we didn’t take that Brees guy”.

We can thank the example of Pilgrims and Native Americans gathering in friendship for this special holiday.  I am sure they would be impressed we have three different, three hour services, in their honor.  Lions host the Bears in the appetizer round.  Dallas and Washington are the main course finishing up with brandies watching Saints and Falcons.  I expect the visitors to fare well in the first two games and New Orleans saying farewell to Atlanta in the night cap.

Oh that’s right.  Thanks to my wife for liking football.  And Direct TV Sunday Ticket.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings – A Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Bye the Week – Only two teams thankful to be off! … Chiefs and Rams


Weeks twelve and the pots really bubbling!…


Bears claw Lions

Redskins rope Cowboys

Saints flock Falcons

Bengals bang Browns

Panthers sink Seahawks

Bills surprise Jags

Colts hook Dolphins

Ravens ravish Raiders

Bucs pirate Niners

Patriots ground Jets

Eagles topple Giants

Chargers play Cards

Steelers ride Broncos

Minnesota packs Green Bay

Texans down Titans



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