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Week seven is upon us!  Get your weekly picks in soon with the help of your Vendor of Vision in this weeks Secret Sauce!…


October 17, 2018


Secret Sauce


Your link to insightful, from the gut, game analysis reached by vague statistical interpretation and dedicated to enhancing your AmericasPool experience by raising your winning percentage.  Plus other crap.


I Am the Masked One.  Cheezus.


In the land of dairy, cheese is King.  With the Green Bay Packers next in line for the throne.  Any team that can get grown humans to wear a Swiss cheese wedge on their heads, and be proud of it, deserves celestial status.  Aaron Rodgers then is Cheezus, prince of the men in green and miracle worker on the gridiron.

Hats off to San Francisco who fought the good fight.  Finishing our week on MNF the Niners may have been overlooked but they showed up in the land of cheese ready to win.  Dominating all game, legions of Niners appeared out of nowhere to harass the offense and a one win team almost pulled out the upset of the millennium.  Alas!  Cheezus once again walks on water and then a last second field goal delighted the home crowd and spread players rooting for the visitors alike.

One Goliath down as Kansas City falls to the Patriot dynasty.  That leaves the Rams as the leagues only unbeaten team.  Disciple Jared and company went to Denver and bested the Broncos in a hard fought skirmish.  They coast into San Francisco heavily favored.  As the Niners showed last week despite their record they can show up and score points.  LA would do well not to underestimate.

Miami beat Chicago.  Cheezus, Mary & Joseph.  Musta been a Judas in their midst.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  Logically speaking, we drink the same water as those who came thousands of years before us.


Bye the week -  Four teams get the R&R… Seattle, Oakland, Pittsburgh and Cheezus.


Week seven goes like this…

Broncos play Cards

Chargers jolt Titans

Bucs bang Browns

Eagles claw Panthers

Chiefs down Bengals

Jets ground Vikings

Dolphins drown Lions

Texans rope Jags

Colts pay Bills

Bears surprise Patriots

Saints over Ravens

Dallas taxes Washington

LA beats SF

Falcons slay Giants




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