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Hard to believe we are about a quarter of the way through the regular season all ready.  It’s been a muddy track but it’s time to quit horsin’ around and get some serious pickin’ done.  Get it all in this weeks Secret Sauce!…


October 4, 2018


Secret Sauce


Your link to insightful, from the gut, game analysis reached by vague statistical interpretation and dedicated to enhancing your AmericasPool experience by raising your winning percentage.  Plus other crap.


I Am the Masked One.  Pony Up.


Kind of like the Civil War, just when you think the bloodiest battles are behind you for the week, here comes the Denver Broncos.  Monday Night Football would be hard pressed to find a better performance on record.  Not because they annihilated someone.  Huh, they didn’t even win.  But the teams mindset going in was maybe we aren’t expected to win, but we’re going to give them a helluva eight second ride.

Denver came out of the swinging gate, dominating on defense and racking up points going into the first turn. Keeping the pressure up and galloping easy towards the halfway point. Rounding the turn into the backstretch they continued the pressure on the Chiefs young quarterback.  Patrick Mahomes and KC came in 3-0 and showed why as the rodeo headed into the home stretch.

The Broncos kept kicking however as the Chiefs refused to relinquish their unbeaten saddles and Denver came close to unseating their stubborn riders.  Close enough to cover the spread to the delight of risk takers and die hard Bronco fans. Trotting off to New Jersey they face the Jets where the super computers show them again as underdogs.  Hate to tell you Jet fans this, but your about to get bucked hard.

The other ponies from Indianapolis are struggling this year.  Opening week five against the formidable Patriots they find themselves double digit underdogs.  Maybe a change of luck is in their future but New England will win by several lengths as, in horse racing terminology, the Colts fail to show.  For all you other teams out there who are less than 2-2, it’s time to pony up.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings – You can lead a horse to water.  If he won’t drink it, neither should you.


Bye the week – Two teams get early rest.  Chicago and Tampa Bay.


Week five stirs like this!…

Patriots break Colts

Titans pay Bills

Broncos ground Jets

Lions ship Packers

Pittsburgh downs Atlanta

KC jabs Jags

Panthers topple Giants

Cleveland stuns Baltimore

Bengals hook Dolphins

Chargers sack Raiders

Rams flock Seahawks

Eagles over Vikings

Cowboys rope Texans

Saints raid Redskins

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