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October 2, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  I’m Thinking.


As Popeye used to say, That’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!  This lifelong Republican will no longer hold back.  I cannot respect a man who is willing to have an official White House statement change the narrative of his own words to pretend he said something different.  Thinking and Thanking Mr. President.  Really?  Put thanking into your response to Ms. Vega and as you personally pointed out recently in another situation, if you really spoke like that, you wouldn’t be President.  You meant to insult her and you did, so either man up and stand behind it or really man up and apologize.

Then you didn’t want to answer her question.  You wanted to talk about your great accomplishments.  When another reporter followed up with a similar pertinent question as Ms Vega’s, she was told she’s “not nice”.  You don’t get to dictate what questions are asked Mr President.  It’s a news conference.  They get to ask whatever they want.  It’s called freedom of the press.

Lying about a phone call from the leader of the Boy Scouts.  Lying about knowledge of payoffs.  Dictating a false response to your sons meeting with Russian officials under questionable pretenses while we are now being re-assured by your (new) personal attorney that there’s no problem since a president lying to the American public is not a crime.  Meeting with world leaders of rogue nations for photo ops with no diplomatic groundwork while estranging our staunches allies.  Creating an enormous trade war while the CEO of Ford is predicting your policies will cost them one Billion dollars this year alone.  This is your recipe’ for longstanding prosperity?

Endless rallies for “others” that turn into nothing more than look at me and all I’ve done.  Belittling, name calling and other childish behaviors show the world you are nothing but a bully with a big bank account and some temporary power the American people gave you in a serious lapse of judgment.  You could be the poster boy for narcissism.

Never before was I embarrassed to call myself a Republican.  I still believe in the basics of the platform but I can’t trust what our leader says and abhor his tactics and behavior.  Integrity is a landmark trait of all great leaders.  The basis of integrity is credibility.  I see a man willing to do or say whatever he feels necessary in the moment and expects others to clean up afterwards.  To allow others to try and explain “what he really meant” by what he said.  To allow others to even flagrantly change his words and expect us to swallow them.  I’m thinking I’m done.  Count me #ARAT.  A Republican Against Trump.


The Masked Prognosticator


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