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Week four looms large as the pot begins to bubble.  Don’t quit now, we’re just getting started!  Several upsets are predicted in this weeks Secret Sauce so read your copy today!

September 26, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.   I Quit.


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you realize you haven’t.  If you interviewed a thousand prospects looking to make it into the NFL and asked if they made it, could they see themselves voluntarily quitting during halftime of an ongoing regular season game?  How many affirmatives do you think you’d get?  Well that’s exactly what happened with Vontae Davis and the Buffalo Bills during week two.

Apparently it was what Buffalo needed.  After two embarrassing outings the Bills stunned the football world by going into Minnesota and spanking the Vikings.  To say they looked like a totally different team would certainly be an understatement.  It was more like, where the hell did they come from?  No doubt many Viking fans quit early once a 27 – 0 lead from a 16 point underdog showed on the scoreboard.

Quitting is not a virtue your Vendor of Vision has much experience with.  Stepping back however is highly recommended as sometimes seemingly insurmountable problems suddenly are easily resolved.  This could be due to several factors such as rest, renewed inspiration through quiet reflection or my personal favorite, procrastination.  Yes, sometimes problems really do solve themselves.

Talk about a lesson in not quitting.  The Cleveland Browns have finally won a game.  The nice thing is, it’s not just the law of averages finally rearing its ugly head but this team, though only notching its first official win, could conceivably have been 3-0.  That they are less than a field goal underdog this week is a testament to the confidence level of those all knowing Vegas odds makers in the remaking of the Cleveland Browns.  Success I’m sure brought on by those team building motivational speakers who remind us, there is no I in quit.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings – Quitting does not necessarily mean stopping.  It could just be a new beginning.


Bye the week -  Two teams get early time off…. Washington and Carolina


Week four looks like this…..


Rams butt Vikings

Packers Buffalo Bills

Colts ride Texans

Lions ambush Cowboys

Patriots hook Fish

Jags ground Jets

Bengals surprise Falcons

Bucs bang Bears

Eagles topple Titans

Browns sack Raiders

Cardinals flock Seahawks

Saints down Giants

Chargers jolt Niners

Baltimore passes Pittsburgh

Broncos stop Chiefs







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