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Wow week three is all ready upon us.  While the first one seem to hold few surprises, week two was quite bloody.  How things work out this week is all here in your new copy of Secret Sauce!…


September 18, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  Tie Me Up.


Well if your tuning in with flashes of fifty shades, you will be sorely dis-appointed.  You see, for the most part we talk about football salted with grains of sarcasm, outright disdain and ok, sometimes innuendos of a um, personal nature.  Today though, I’m just pissed off.

Two weeks running now a game played at the highest level known to man ended with no winner.  What?  The game ends a tie in regulation and fans get ten minutes more maximum! or they all go home losers?  What other big time sport does that?  I believe 27 innings happened in baseball.  Then they probably had a game the next day.

How many times have you had to stay an extra hour at work?  With their pay and my cost for a ticket, parking and nine dollar beers, you’d better get your butts back on the field and give me a winner.  Play an extra quarter at least, then let the kickers decide in sudden death, backing them up ten yards till someone misses.  Judge the best end zone dance.  Let the fans and the noise meter decide who has the hottest cheerleaders .  Something!  The Tie column should not even exist.

Not everyone thinks a tie is all that bad.  If your a Browns fan, a tie means it wasn’t a loss and thats an improvement.  Now for the elusive goal of scoring at least one more point than their opponent.  Opening the week on Thursday night they host the Jets.  I feel their momentum building and believe the gridiron gods will shine upon them as they savor their first win since Ohio was admitted to the Union.

The Buccaneers seem to have things tidily in hand.  Tampa Bay is on fire their first two games and have dominated with a powerful looking offense.  They finish the week hosting Pittsburgh on MNF.  Starting 0-1-1 the Steelers looked flat in their tie with Cleveland then lost a shoot out with Kansas City.  Trending the law of averages I’d say the timing is right for their first win and the Bucs first loss.  My gut though tells me these Pirates are for real and ready to let loose on Ben and company.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings – Remember, sometimes when your all tied up, it’s because your cup runneth over.


Week three stirs like this…


Browns down Jets

Eagles ride Colts

Saints over Falcons

Packers tax Washington

Raiders surprise Dolphins

Vikings sack Bills

Ravens peck Broncos

Bengals claw Panthers

Texans topple Giants

Jags jab Titans

Chiefs dig Niners

Rams jolt Chargers

Boys flock Seahawks

Bears play Cards

Tampa Bay outshines Pittsburgh









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