Testing the Waters

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Here we go with week two!  Teams have tested the waters and are ready to begin lapping the field.  Get all your predictions in this weeks Secret Sauce!….


September 13, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Testing the Waters.


Whew!  Week One is behind us and our thirst for more is just beginning.  Unlike sports with long seasons and sometimes a hundred games or more, in football, there is no time for testing the waters.  Every game is important.  You had better bring it on day one.

Well our returning champions posted a W but I wouldn’t exactly characterize the win as “bringing it”.  What they brought was what we saw in the pre season.  This game should have been an easy Falcons win but they somehow couldn’t finish.  So far Philadelphia looks nothing like last years team.  Better get your head above water cause your going to need more than 18 points to sink Tampa Bay.

The Bucs brought the juice in a shoot out with New Orleans while both defenses were on the water doing a little fishing.  Topping out at 88 total points in a 48-40 victory.  I’m a little surprised the powers that be are giving them points this week considering Philadelphia’s performance thus far.  Maybe a little dehydration setting in out there in the desert?

Green Bay must have given Aaron Rodgers some holy water after getting carted off early.  Chicago had them by the ball…room dancers when he magically re appeared in the 4th quarter.  Then proceeded to do what A.R. does.  Drifting around nailing receivers as they plane across the defenses lines completing yet another amazing comeback nail biter with a 24-23 win.

Cleveland came close to diving in but both teams just got their toes wet.  Maybe thats why the game ended after OT despite makeable field goals by both teams.  The first was just a straight miss.  The second was as ugly as a kick can get denying Cleveland their first win since 1977, or so it seems.  Shoulda taken it when you had a chance.  Now you head to New Orleans where they live below sea level.  Good luck treading those waters.


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Week two as the sauce begins to warm…


Bengals bang Ravens

Chiefs melt Steelers

Bucs pirate Eagles

Titans rope Texans

Panthers claw Falcons

Redskins ride Colts

Dolphins fly Jets

Vikings pack Cheese

Saints march Browns

Chargers buffalo Bills

Lions down Niners

Rams play Cards

Patriots over Jags

Broncos break Raiders

Boys best Giants

Seahawks stop Bears



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