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September 4, 2018

Only hours separate us from the beginning of the regular season.  Secret Sauce provides you with insight into the goings on of the NFL, and sometimes the world.  Betting the house on a particular reccomendation from yours truly is ill advised but hey, it’s a free country.  Your weekly subscription starts now…

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Go Wide.


With so much clowning going on in the political arena, I’m ready for some professional stadium action.  So as some Greek said long ago at the first Olympics… Let the Games Begin!

Officially the season opens this week when the defending Super Bowl Eagles take on the Atlanta Falcons.  The pre season has only yielded one so called Philadelphia win, not that it matters.  They could just be playing an Ali “rope a dope” on everyone.  Time will tell if last year was a fluke or the beginning of a dynasty.  An interesting word not often associated with Philadelphia sports teams.  Easy now, no dis-respect, just stating the facts.  They are still playing the shell game on who the starting quarterback will be.  Gee, do we go with our rehabbed franchise player or the guy who won the Super Bowl for us?  Such problems.

Jerry Jones reportedly would like to see an 18 game regular season.  No dis-agreement from this fan.  Personally twenty six seems reasonable to me don’t you think?  I mean come on!  Widen your horizons and give us six months anyhow.  Add in training camp and some post season and even if you win it all you still get almost as much time off as Trump has tee times.  That’s a lot.  Pretty sweet deal.

Speaking of sweet deals, Odell Beckham Jr. got a contract almost as big as his ego.  He was quoted recently saying he feels like a zoo animal on the field.  No, zoo animals try to blend in.  Maybe you should camouflage your head and shut your mouth if you don’t like the attention.

There are others who also think the world revolves around them and their presence on new teams will automatically turn a franchise into a real contender.  What is it with wide receivers?  I admire your talents but wish you’d let your performance speak for itself.  As the old proverb goes… better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Week one is upon us as our widened attentions become narrowed till only the gridiron is in full focus.  Expand your prognosticating abilities and astound AmericasPool combatants nationwide with your foresight.  Talk some trash.  Expand your lead.  Talk more trash.  Lose your lead?  Talk even more trash.  You get the picture.  Have a great season.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  The seasons wide open.  Go long!


The pot begins to stir with Week One ….

Falcons flail Eagles

Giants hunt Jags

Vikings sack Niners

Patriots rope Texans

Saints tamp Bucs

Baltimore beats Buffalo

Dolphins topple Titans

Steelers down Browns

Bengals claw Colts

Chargers challenge Chiefs

Broncos corral Seahawks

Carolina over Dallas

Arizona taxes Washington

Packers ship Bears

Lions ground Jets

Raiders butt Rams



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