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The pinnacle.  The climax.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally almost upon us.  Super Bowl LII has arrived.  Get your last prediction of the year from your Father of Foresight, your Vendor of Vision in this seasons final Secret Sauce!…

February 2, 2018

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Over the Hill.


Over the hill and picking up speed.  That’s the general consensus of things over fifty.  Super Bowl fifty two or make that LII, is upon us. I always wondered in junior high why it was important to know Roman numerals.  Well duh, now I know.

Super Bowl LII is a legend in the making. Pitting a future Hall of Famer and a team well familiar with the pressures of playing in the big game versus a back up quarterback and a franchise who has never conquered that hill.  Nick Foles has got to feel a little like General Custer.

In football, unless your the water boy or a coach, pretty much anyone more than thirty five (XXXV.. yea 7th grade) is over the hill.  Tom Brady by that standard is practically shaking hands with the grim reaper.  His performance though certainly defies that stereotype.  Betting against a reigning and five time champion is not to be taken lightly.  Well maybe it’s dementia setting in, but here goes.

Philadelphia has proven themselves to be a complete franchise.  Certainly the decimation of the Vikings shows a team well versed on both sides of the ball.  The key to winning this game will be controlling the duo in Elton Johns newest release, Brady and the Gronk.  Give Mr. Brady enough time to throw to a man eight feet tall with a fifteen foot reach and I promise the Eagles will be just another skid mark on their way down the hill.

I doubt if New England would be playing this Sunday had they been forced to use their back up QB mid season.  No offense to Mr. Hoyer and the rest of the team but the success of the Patriots rises and falls on their starter.  Philadelphia has done what I don’t remember any team doing. ( Staticus where are you when I need you? ) Playing in a Super Bowl with a back up qb starting.  Tough shoes to fill when the man you replaced was well on his way to the leagues MVP.

Well Nick Foles all ready owns a Pro Bowl MVP title and you are about to see him snag the same honor at this years Super Bowl.  Philadelphia will crest their mountain and bring the trophy to the City of Brotherly love for the first time.  Time for the Patriots to visit boot hill.


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