We are the Champions

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Winners get to show their talents in front of millions of people worldwide. See who your conference champions are in this weeks Secret Sauce! …

January 18, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  We are the Champions.


Well it’s championship weekend as the pot reaches the boiling point and the sauce begins to flow like lava.  AFC, NFC, officially the season ends with nothing left but the eruption.  What has hardly seemed to begin is now almost a dream with visions of next season all ready in many peoples heads.  True fans of the gridiron though, froth with anticipation as the quest for the Super Bowl ring is within the grasp of the last four teams.

Jacksonville is undoubtedly the Cinderella of the bunch.  Facing down the defending champs, on their home field, in a conference championship game, is not for felines if you catch my drift.  New England is favored by nine and a half points. That’s the largest deficit in an AFC conference game since the last time. ( sarcasm, just another free service I offer ) Well they play the games for a reason and no one gave the Jags much chance last week either when they stomped on the Steelers.

I’m not sure what it is about human nature to root for the underdog.  Unless it’s your top dog in the fight of course.  Most people aren’t Jaguar fans, they just hope the Patriots lose.  Give someone else the glory.  Bring in the new generation of future Hall of Famers.  Just makes you feel good.  I’d like to join you and will root alongside you, but the reality is New England still has champion level ability.  Barring a Brady broken bone the Patriots return to the big show.

Minnesota has a chance to become the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.  Talk about a fairy tale. Somehow that should never be allowed to occur.  Doesn’t seem right. Perception is reality sometimes and home field advantage is a well documented fact.  I think.  Maybe.  Wait a sec while I ask Alexa.  She is unsure.  Not as smart as I thought she was.  Shoulda bought an Alex, he’d have known or at least tried to bs it.  Whatever the stat, the ironic reality is the road to Minnesota for Minnesota, runs through Philly.

Suffering a season ending injury to a potential league MVP has slowed the Eagles slightly.  It maybe another first for a number one seed playing at home to be an underdog but it’s a role they seem to be relishing.  Both teams had spectacular finishes to their division games bringing them into this weekend on an adrenaline high.  As much as I would like to see the Minnesota Minnesota thing I feel it’s the Eagles heading northwest.  Nick Foles is well qualified to lead a team well rounded enough to make it to the big show.  Defense isn’t just a wall near Mexico.  Eagles are conference champions.


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Pats top Jags

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