Under the Weather

Posted by MaskedPrognosticator on January 12, 2018 under Masked Prognosticator | Be the First to Comment

Here we go as the playoffs heat up!  Two Saturday and two Sunday games once again.  Get your predictions in this weeks Secret Sauce!…


January 11, 2018


Secret Sauce


Your link to insightful, from the gut, game analysis reached by vague statistical interpretation and dedicated to enhancing your AmericasPool experience by raising your winning percentage.  Plus other crap.


I Am the Masked One.  Under the Weather.


I’m not sure where the saying comes from but it’s what I am.  Exciting wild card games last week and an exciting weekend awaits.  No doubt my height in relation to the weather will steadily rise as the gridiron provides it’s wintry poultice.  Till then enjoy.


The Masked Prognosticator


Week two of the playoffs goes like this!…


Philly flails Falcons

Patriots topple Titans

Pittsburgh pounds Jacksonville

Vikings march Saints

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