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Wild Card Weekend is upon us!  Eight Cinderellas were invited to the ball but four lose their glass slippers for good.  Get your playoff predictions here in this weeks Secret Sauce! ….


January 5, 2018


Secret Sauce


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I Am the Masked One.  I Think I Can.


With the regular season now a fading memory all eyes are focused on what lies ahead.  Doctors can tell you about miraculous healings through the power of positive thinking.  Changing ones outlook can improve quality of life or simply provide hope.  Without hope there is no effort and without effort there is no ring.  Any team left to compete this season is dangerous simply because they think they can win it all.

Like the Little Engine That Could, all the wild card teams are showing up this weekend chanting;  I think I can I think I can.  Fifty percent of them will be right.  Only four games and the first begins in Kansas City.  This is a very likeable team.  The coach is competent and unassuming.  The quarterback looks like he hands out bulletins on Sunday morning.  Beginning the season on fire they have somehow just managed to sneak into the post season.

Tennessee volunteers itself as the first victim.  KC may have lost a step in the middle but are a formidable opponent especially at home.  Personally I hope Alex Smith gets a Super Bowl ring someday.  Just not this year I’m afraid. Plenty of fire to take on the Titans but this Cinderella won’t be going to the ball regardless of how positive they think.

Rams host the Falcons next.  LA lost big time to the Niners last week which I don’t care who you rested, that looks bad.  Atlanta thinks like last year but seem to have lost a step since then.  Maybe their window of opportunity was brief.  I’m liking them for this game though.  Matt Ryan and company will hold onto thoughts of grandeur from yesteryear and put in a stellar performance.

Buffalo shuffles off to Jacksonville.  Considering the sub arctic temperatures even a cold snap in Florida will seem balmy to the Bills.  Let’s think honestly here though.  It’s the Bills and Jags 2017.  Sure someone moves on but you’ve got to be a die hard fan to think you’re looking past the following game.  Just thinkin’ here.

I think I can safely predict the best game of the weekend is slated between Carolina and New Orleans.  Too bad they aren’t matched up with the guys in the last paragraph and both have a chance to move on.  Home field advantage and veteran leadership give the Saints an edge in this one.  Mr. Breeze is another I think should get a ring someday.  Again it will most likely have to require another season of play for this team.  Pretty sure they can pull off this week though.  I think.


The Masked Prognosticator


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Playoff week one!….

Chiefs topple Titans

Falcons butt Rams

Jags pay Bills

Saints claw Panthers

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