Happy New Year

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The final week of the regular season is upon us.  Hopefully you are moving on but if not my apprentice, I predict to see you in the future.  Get week 17 picks here in your personal weekly copy of Secret Sauce!…

December 28, 2017


Secret Sauce


Your link to insightful, from the gut, game analysis reached by vague statistical interpretation and dedicated to enhancing your AmericasPool experience by raising your winning percentage.  Plus other crap.


I Am the Masked One.  Happy New Year.


Seeing how everyone is busy and stressed during this holiday season putting time at a premium, I have to decided to keep this weeks article short.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  Happy New Year !


Final week of the regular season stirs like this…

Bengals surprise Ravens

Falcons flock Panthers

Titans topple Jags

Steelers down Browns

Lions ship Packers

Saints bang Bucs

Texans tag Colts

Dolphins pay Bills

Bears sack Vikings

Redskins slay Giants

Cowboys brand Eagles

Patriots ground Jets

Chiefs ride Broncos

Chargers jolt Raiders

Rams sink Niners

Seahawks play Cards

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