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Week 15 approaches as do the holiday schedules.  In addition to the Thursday game you have two Saturday games to choose from.  Choose wisely with your weekly advice in Secret Sauce!…

December 12, 2017

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  So Close


The reality of life is sometimes you don’t get what you want.  Despite your best efforts fate decides your wants don’t matter as you get a dose of castor oil while being told it’s good for you.  A loss will make you stronger.  Your team will become united.  Draft picks will come your way.  The surgeons have a special going on acl’s, whatever the solace is intended to repair the bottom line is, it just sucks.  You were so close.

Cleveland Brown fans clung to hope of erasing the goose egg from the win column.  Not many gave them much consideration since the Packers were coming to town.  With Mr. Rodgers out of the neighborhood though Green Bay has been struggling and the Browns smelled blood.  Or was it just port wine cheese?  Fans began holding their breath when the lead was fourteen going into the fourth.

Apparently Aaron has been giving comeback lessons though as the Packers tied the game with seconds to go forcing overtime.  Fans started hyperventilating as Green Bay recovered possession and moved into field goal position.  One last play to set up the kicker instead led to a touchdown scamper causing simultaneous massive expressions of many bad words in the state of Ohio.  They were so close.

Injury has struck a devastating blow to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Clinching their division was bittersweet as quarterback Carson Wentz is out with a season ending knee injury.  Certainly a top pick to go all the way the Eagles get some flashbacks with the re appearance of Nick Foles.  He has the skills and this team has the balance necessary to carry it far into the post season.  You did your job getting the team this far Mr. Wentz.  With your support close by maybe you’ll still get that ring.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  Don’t stand too close to the trees.

Week fifteen closes in! …..

Broncos break Colts

Lions claw Bears

Chargers stun Chiefs

Panthers play Packers

Ravens flock Browns

Jags rope Texans

Bills hook Dolphins

Vikings bang Bengals

Redskins down Cardinals

Saints ground Jets

Eagles topple Giants

Rams butt Seahawks

Titans dig Niners

Steelers over Patriots

Cowboys sack Raiders

Falcons beat Bucs




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