Rising Stars

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Week fourteen all ready as the post season looms large in our minds.  Get your up to date updates here in your personal copy of Secret Sauce!…

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I Am the Masked One.  Rising Stars.


Make no mistake, if you have made it to the level of the playing in the National Football League, you are a star.  In a world where success is often judged by the win column sometimes it’s easy to forget some players who deserve recognition individually and paired in the proper setting who would become superstars in their own right.  Today lets focus on some quarterbacks.

Easily the most recognizable position on the field a modern day quarterback must not only execute given plays but in many cases have to become their own offensive coordinator.  Previously reserved for veteran qb’s now all competitive teams have leaders who make on the field decisions.  Minnesota got a good one.

Replacing their injured franchise man, Case Keenum has turned his lackluster career into a Super Bowl contender.  A perfect example of how some players just need the right situation to shine.  The Vikings went to Atlanta and used defense to hold the Falcons to nine points.  With 10 wins the planets are aligned for Mr. Keenum to continue his quest by taking down the Carolina Panthers.  Mr. Newtons star has been dwarfed in 2017 with the Panthers being respectable but not championship caliber.

Starting for the Rams, Jared Goff has put LA back into playoff possibilities.  With the offense scoring points like a high school basketball team the defense gets rest and less pressure.  We’ll see how that works for them when the solar winds blow from the east.  Seattle handled the Eagles using defense.  In an offensive showdown Philadelphia will run with the Rams barely evading the west coast sweep.

Standing at the top of their division the Titans Marcus Mariota is just waiting for the glory days of college to repeat at the professional level.  Much like the sun at the center of our solar system he is the factor by which this whole team performs. Arizona gets sucked into their black hole as the Cardinals super nova explodes hoping to regenerate next year as a rising star.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings -  The NFL is a galaxy of football stars.


Week fourteen stirs like this!…

Saints ground Falcons

Bills bomb Colts

Chiefs sack Raiders

Lions bang Bucs

Texans dig Niners

Seahawks down Jags

Packers beat Browns

Bengals claw Bears

Vikings slay Panthers

Jets ride Broncos

Chargers jolt Redskins

Titans play Cards

Boys defeat Giants

Eagles topple Rams

Steelers iron Baltimore

Patriots net Dolphins



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