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Don’t forget three Thursday games so get your picks in early. Open for your holiday predictions in this weeks Secret Sauce!….

November 21, 2017

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Indian Giver.


Growing up, calling someone an Indian giver was like telling them their grandma wore combat boots.  You better be ready for a fight.  The insinuation being you weren’t trustworthy and therefore worthy of only Native American status rather than that of European immigrant.  There is certainly a lot of irony in the statement considering who broke most of the treaties but I digress.

The Pilgrims had a different view of things.  According to history it was the Indians who gave that first Thanksgiving and taught our forefathers the skills they needed to survive those early years in the New World.  As we gather round the table this holiday lets remember we are all just people who want the same things.  A better life for our children and to have made a difference in the world.

There is no Indian giving in football.  Because there is no giving .  Not willingly anyhow.  On the gridiron, you have to take what you want.  Chicago hosted rival Detroit and turned their under dog status into a 40-17 rout.  I’m not sure what happens to the Lions on given weeks.  Maybe too much firewater on the bye week?  Detroit plays their traditional holiday game hosting Minnesota this year.  Though the Vikings are favored I believe the Great Spirit smiles on the Lions.

The Redskins aren’t into giving anything away.  All though they lost to New Orleans they led much of the game and gave the Saints a run for their wampum.  Hosting the Giants on Turkey Day gives them a chance to regain some momentum. New York is riding high from their second win but the celebration is cut short as Washington goes on the warpath.  Dallas hosts the final holiday game against San Diego.  Look for the Boys to regain the trail.

If anyone is giving the season back it’s Kansas City.  Starting a league best 6-0 they have lost four straight, the latest to the lowly New York Giants.  The defense held New York to twelve points but scoring a measly nine puts you in danger of losing to Cleveland even.  Fortunately for them they draw another shall we say, win challenged team, in the Buffalo Bills.  Somehow matching Chiefs against Buffalo’s seems unfair cause as the Bills attempt to circle the wagons the Chiefs pull out the Custer plan.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings –  Happy Thanksgiving from your Father of Foresight, your Vendor of Vision, and me.

Bye the Week – A full schedule this week.  Bet ‘em early and often!


The pots really starting to bubble. Week twelve stirs like this…

Lions sack Vikings

Boys brand Chargers

Redskins topple Giants

Chiefs skin Buffalo

Colts surprise Titans

Bengals beat Browns

Falcons flock Bucs

Eagles hunt Bears

Patriots revolutionize Miami

Panthers pound Jets

Saints butt Rams

Seahawks dig Niners

Cardinals jack Jacksonville

Broncos invade Raiders

Steelers wheel Cheese

Ravens brand Texans








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