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Week eleven approaches as the holiday season bears down on us.  Just when you think you’ve figured it out something new comes along.  Get this weeks picks in your all new Secret Sauce!…

October 15, 2017

Secret Sauce

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I Am the Masked One.  Something New.


You know it never ceases to amaze me after watching all these years it seems like I’m always seeing something new.  For example last Thursday night when a kicker was the only one to touch an onside kick.  He kicked it, then it went the required ten yards as he dutifully followed, then he snagged it and quickly found the turf.

Honestly I was expecting a penalty flag.  I mean isn’t there a rule about such things?  Pretend your The Flash and a quarterback.  Could you throw yourself a pass?  Truth be told it was the most impressive onside kick I’ve ever witnessed.  He should patent that.

San Francisco got their first win as predicted.  Now that’s something new. I mean the win part not the accurate prediction.  The Giants sunk to a new low as the Niners celebrated like the Astros winning the World Series.  New York hosts Kansas City reducing their chances of a second win to about zero as the Niners get an extra week to recover from the thrill of victory.

What a difference a new year makes.  As of now four division leading teams didn’t even make the playoffs last year.  The Rams are a good example as they annihilated Houston.  With as many points as they’re averaging per game it’s easy to get lax on defense.  Let’s see if they can keep up on both sides of the ball.  They are slight underdogs as they travel to Minnesota.  I’m impressed enough to stick with them this week.

New Orleans has suddenly emerged as a serious contender.  Shuffling off to Buffalo they cleared out the Bills in an embarrassing 47-10 trouncing.  Saints host Washington this week and continue to march on.  The Bills try something new in November. Sun and warmth in San Diego.  Chargers help Buffalo continue on it’s downward spiral.  Whats new.


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Bye the Week – Four team get the bye…. Niners, Colts, Jets and Panthers

Week eleven stirs like this!….

Steelers topple Titans

Lions hunt Bears

Jags down Browns

Packers flock Ravens

Texans tan Cardinals

Bucs bang Dolphins

Rams sack Vikings

Chiefs love New York

Saints scorch Skins

Chargers pay Bills

Broncos beat Bengals

Patriots pound Raiders

Eagles ride Cowboys

Falcons blind Seahawks



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