Bottom Feeders

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Lurking near the bottom some teams are ready for a fresh start.  Week ten promises some good match ups so get your inside information in this weeks Secret Sauce!…

November 8, 2017


Secret Sauce


Your link to insightful, from the gut, game analysis reached by vague statistical interpretation and dedicated to enhancing your AmericasPool experience by raising your winning percentage.  Plus other crap.


I am the Masked One.  Bottom Feeders.


Competitive sports doesn’t require perfection. Only that you perform better than your opponent on a given day.  No matter what, you always have your front runners which in turn determines this seasons bottom feeders.

What relegates your team to bottom feeder status depends somewhat on what division your in.  Some teams have ten wins and still receive a early trip to Disney.  Of course then there are some teams who have the old kick me signs hanging on their backs.  Teams who have given up on the P word for this year.  Cellar dwellers searching for a glimmer of hope through the muck of despair.

The AFC is dotted with a myriad of teams with only a trio of wins to show for the first half of the year.  Five teams share this dubious honor with the Broncos being the biggest surprise in the bunch.  Denvers highly touted defense was lounging under a rock as the Eagles racked up fifty one points.  Philadelphia goes into their bye week with the best record in the league.  Denver hosts New England returning from their week off and hopes to come up for fresh air.  Patriots keeps the Broncos at the bottom of the pool.

Tampa Bay has but two wins to show for their efforts so far. The Giants only one.  In another fifty one point blowout the Rams showed New York how it’s done on the west coast.  The Bucs bowed to New Orleans as the Saints have found their groove moving up the food chain with six straight wins.  Giants play Niners in the catfish bowl while the Saints take on Buffalo in what should be good fishing.

Way back deep under the sandstone cliff overhangs lie the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49 ers.  With a combined win grand total of zero, these guys need to play each other to give someone a morale booster.  Cleveland takes on Detroit in Detroit.  (groan) good luck with that one.  Niners host the Giants who look like they’d have trouble beating Penn State this year so just maybe the Browns are left to troll the depths alone.


The Masked Prognosticator


Masked Musings – Remember, fully fifty percent of all experts in any given field graduated in the bottom half of their class.


Bye the Week – Four Teams take a breather… Philadelphia, Baltimore, Kansas City and Oakland


Week 10 Here we go ! ….

Seahawks deal Cards

Steelers break Colts

Bears surprise Packers

Saints shuffle Buffalo

Jags jolt Chargers

Lions down Browns

Jets ground Bucs

Redskins circle Vikings

Titans trample Bengals

Rams butt Houston

Falcons flock Cowboys

Niners topple Giants

Patriots buck Broncos

Panthers school Dolphins





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