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Hope you had a great time with friends watching the upsets of week six.  Get your reviews and predictions for the upcoming week in your personal copy of Secret Sauce !…

October 18, 2017

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I Am the Masked One.  Friends.

Having been blessed to have reunited with an old friend recently I thought of how friendship plays into most work scenarios.  The NFL is no exception.  Sharing work experiences and spending the majority of working hours together friendship becomes part of the overall job experience.  I’m sure many people don’t want to leave a particular company because they would miss working with their friends.

Protests then in the NFL are not only about social injustice but receive support also out of friendship.  Make no mistake many of these players grew up together rooming in college and playing for or against each other their whole careers. Workplace friendships can be intense.  Team sports multiplies that ten times.

Pittsburgh handed Kansas City their first loss of the season.  This was not a friendly contest.  Defense was the name of this game and there was no camaraderie visible once the whistle blew. T he Chiefs could only scrounge up thirteen points as Pittsburgh constantly harassed Mr. Smith.  KC opens the week in Oakland against a team not living up to it’s pre season expectations.  Have a feeling their decline continues as the Chiefs get back on track.

Upsets were abundant in week six.  None more so glaring the the Giants upset of Denver.  All I can say is it must be the law of averages banging it’s gavel.  New York had yet to win a game and went into the Mile High City as 11.5 underdogs. Defense did it’s job as Eli showed some spark in getting the Giants into the win column.  Ten wins went to unexpected teams with other big upsets going to Miami over Atlanta and Chicago over Baltimore.

The beauty of instant replay is you ultimately get the call right.  The Jets will tell you that’s not always the case.  All turnovers and scoring plays are reviewed which is a good thing for the game.  Standing behind the refs call in cases where it’s unclear on replay is a no brainer.  Reversing a call on the field requires clear evidence of a mistake.  It was clear to the millions who watched but the guys in the booth felt differently as they drained the fuel out of the JETS momentum by taking away that touchdown.  As the old saying goes, with friends like that who needs enemies?


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Bye the week – Only two teams have off this week…. Houston & Detroit

Week seven stirs like this !…..

KC tops Oakland

Dolphins ground Jets

Cards play Rams

Vikings flock Ravens

Steelers claw Bengals

Panthers stalk Bears

Browns surprise Titans

Saints spoil Cheese

Colts jab Jags

Boys bang Niners

Giants step on Seahawks

Broncos buck Chargers

Falcons upset Patriots

Eagles over Redskins

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