United We Kneel

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Controversy surrounds the league as players and fans unite in a show of solidarity for the rights of all players.  No matter which side you’re on, hopefully after reading you’ll realize we’re all on the same side.  Get educated and all week 4 predictions in your free copy of Secret Sauce!…

September 27, 2017


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I Am the Masked One.  United We Kneel.


Make no mistake.  Nothing evokes more patriotism in me, than standing with my hand over my heart singing the national anthem.  It never grows old, like a beloved childhood lullaby.  Many people see the peaceful protest by some as an affront on our flag and those who served to defend it.  I see their perspective.  I also think you’d be surprised how many veterans would defend the rights of those who kneel.  It’s what they fought for.  The right to choose ones actions within the confines of the law and human decency.

This is exactly what the American ideal is all about.  We all have a voice. We all matter.  We all have a right to peacefully request the attention of problems we perceive as detrimental to our country.  People who kneel aren’t dis respecting our nation.  We kneel before royalty out of respect. The same in our religious beliefs.  Protesters aren’t burning, spitting or stomping on the colors.  They’re respectfully telling our flag, we have a problem.

Our President managed to offend the NFL and the NBA all in the same week.  Bad enough he’s so thin skinned as to withdraw an invite to a whole team since one player expressed they weren’t interested in attending a White House ceremony.  Then he uses his bully platform and disparages the NFL as tolerating un-patriotic behavior, having boring games and tanking ratings.  I never knew it but apparently there is also a football hell the NFL is heading towards.  Then he suggests the league should ban their players rights of free speech or they should be fired.

Demanding people put up or shut up is how power gets abused. Unsurprisingly a person used to total control of the people in their lives feels he should be able to control all of America.  His views on leadership are more familiar with dictatorships than running a representative democracy.  What you can’t change gets dismissed as seriously flawed without factual grounds.  As you can see from the reaction of fans and players Mr. President, you picked on the wrong venue.

Challenging professional sports is like dumping on the military.  Nothing polarizes a band of brothers like a common enemy.  What probably would have faded into obscurity is now a full scale movement with team owners, players and fans locking arms.  Not dis respecting their country but saying it’s time we came together as people.  Let’s all kneel and thank our maker for the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world.  Not perfect, but with a foundation in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that allows us to evolve as a people.  That’s what our flag stands for.

The Masked Prognosticator

Masked Musings -  While I will stand, I will not judge the patriotism of those who don’t.

Week four stirs like this! ….

Cheese wheel Bears

Saints hook Fish

Titans taunt Texans

Jags lag Jets

Patriots ply Panthers

Falcons buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh pounds Baltimore

Lions claw Vikings

Bengals bang Browns

Boys butt Rams

Chargers jolt Eagles

Bucs topple Giants

Cards mine Niners

Broncos sack Raiders

Seahawks ride Colts

Chiefs outrank Redskins


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